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Beech Hill Band

The band was formed in the late 1990s by a group of professional, semi-professional and amateur musicians, mainly from the Reading area, to give them the opportunity to play music in rehearsal and at concerts they would not play in their every day music environment. 

It was also decided to give concerts, free of charge, for the benefit of local charities.  In this they have been very successful, giving many concerts and raising thousands of pounds.

The founding musical director was Mr Colin Ridgers.  In 2004, Mr Anthony Wythe, ARCM took over the Musical Directorship and led the band for over 10 years with our current MD, Stewart Lewins, taking over in early 2016. The band now has members from the Basingstoke and Maidenhead area as well as from around Reading.

The name of the band was taken from the fact that when the band needed a rehearsal room the village hall in Beech Hill (a small village near Stratfield Saye) was suitable and not too expensive to hire!

The Beech Hill Concert Band is a totally independent organisation that does not receive grants or outside funding and is mainly dedicated to performing concerts for charitable purposes.

If you think that the band may be able to help you raise funds for your charity, contact Gregor Spowart on 07909 901391.